Compare Features

To make it easy for you to compare the features of QuestView 9.1 and QuestView for Rational Developer, we've provided a simple chart. As you can see, we're still in the process of developing several of the requested features. At Touchtone, many revisions and additions to our products originate with requests from QuestView users.


Classic QuestView 9.1

QuestView for Rational Developer

Access most physical, logical, and join-logical files
Both single - ("form") and multi-record ("table") views
Add, update, and delete records
Rearrange how fields are displayed
Retrieve additional meta-data from JDE dictionaries
Retrieve meta-data for flat files from IDDU or RPG
Add user-defined fields to your view of a file
Access multi-format logical files
Access files containing BLOB and CLOB fields
Access and update BIGINT and Datalink fields
Access all keyed files by key fields
Access all files (except multi-format logicals) by RRN
Scan can be restricted to specific fields
Multi-Scan, looking for different values in different fields
Search-and-Replace, with decimal data error search, global update, and search-and-delete
Use OPNQRYF to select records
Open files quickly and easily, without programming
Instantly create VIEW programs, which can call and be called from other programs, retaining your settings
Have multiple files open in different windows
Access files from Eclipse, without a terminal session
Use ViewJoinerâ„¢ to create temporary or permanent join files automatically
Clickable button interface for OPNQRYF
Super-Prompter for OPNQRYF, with pop-up windows for easy field selection in QRYSLT and KEYFLD
Display & open files related to the current file with cross reference
Display (GUI) file tree view of database relations, rooted in the current file for physical files and join logical files; or based-on physical file for simple logical files
Display (GUI) table view of database relations, with a column for each related file, and a row for each key field; single-click feature on key field will rearrange and shift columns for all files using that field as a key over to the left
Display (GUI) database relations field trees view rooted in a single key field, showing all files using that field as a key
Toolbar icons for Top, Bottom, Next, Previous and Refresh. Usability icons for Field attributes, Query settings, Index settings, Database relations, Appearance, Export to CSV, Print and Help
Obeys all authority restrictions in the operating system
Obeys any vetoes imposed by trigger programs
Instant feedback on changes vetoed by triggers
VIEWAUTH exit program hook, for additional security
Standard database-driven VIEWAUTH supplied
Can also use a custom VIEWAUTH program
Audit to Spool File
Audit to Database File
Display journal entries using record format