• Create inquiry or maintenance programs
  • Modify existing QuestView programs
  • Define screen title and footing lines

  • Define external call definitions
  • Specify user or programmer audience
  • Define field column headings

  • Select or re-sequence fields
  • Alter field lengths for display purposes
  • Call other programs by activating any function key or entering a special character in any field

  • Pass and receive parameters from and to other programs
  • QuestView programs can be integrated with RPG, Cobol or CL programs
  • Allowing for screen titles

  • Displaying function keys
  • Displaying a menu bar
  • Fitting more fields on a screen

  • Rearrange order of fields on a screen
  • Enable or disable lowercase/uppercase entry
  • Select the type of scan comparison
  • Even create View Programs on a file's journal entries!

Lightning Fast


Programming in QuestView is light years faster than anything you can do in DFU, so you can save untold person-hours of code writing.

  • Simply define the screen elements, data fields, function keys, and other QuestView elements you'd like to see in your program, and press [F6] to create the program. Seconds later, AS/400 users can call that program and utilize all the functionality you've created in the QuestView program.
  • These programs let programmers quickly delegate many data maintenance scenarios which previously required specific authorities and AS/400 programming knowledge. Now you have time for more QuestView programs and other things that require your attention.
  • Fix Decimal Data Errors in zoned and packed fields in seconds by viewing numerical data side-by-side with the underlying hexadecimal code, or simply by scanning for the error.
  • View the relationships of logical files and physical files right from within QuestView... as well as key fields and select/omit specifications for each of the related join-logicals and multiple-format logicals. No more switching back and forth, looking up relationship information.