Viewing and Editing


  • Multiple or single record display
  • Change field display order
  • Allow or disallow update while viewing the file
  • View field attributes (type, length, sequences, etc.)

Access the way you want it

  • Access by record number
  • Access by full or partial record key
  • Interactive scan and search

Flexible file support

  • Physical files
  • Join-logical files
  • Logical files
  • Open Query files
  • Externally-defined
  • Non-externally defined files, records can display in formatted screens by:
    • Retrieving field definitions from RPG programs (source members)
    • Using IDDU data dictionary
    • Creating user-defined fields 
  • Database Relations – displays selects/omits and logicals, and all based-on physicals for a join or multi-format logical.
  • Journal View shows the record-level entries of journaled files, in the file's own format.

Decimal data errors

  • Quickly find and correct invalid data